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Global Placements was established in 2010 to assist prospective students from Zimbabwe to secure places to study at international universities and colleges of their choice, secure student visas and permits, plan their travel and accommodation in their country of study, and to settle in.


Global Placements assist students from all walks of life to achieve their dreams of attaining internationally recognized qualifications at universities of their choice across the globe.


Over the years Global Placements has assisted students from across Zimbabwe to make informed career and study choices. The individuals we have assisted have gone on to study in Canada, the USA, Australia the UK, and Ireland, and have begun their paths to successful careers in disciplines of their choice.


Our main focus is tertiary education and we specialize in placements for trades, diploma, undergraduate, and graduate-level studies in Canada, the USA, and the UK. Ireland , Australasia, and Europe. 

All year round, we assist prospective students to secure places at top universities, and with all the finer details of preparing for and taking up their studies in a foreign land.


Strategically located in Harare, Zimbabwe, we assist students from across the country who want to study overseas. We take pride in assisting student to pursue internationally recognised qualifications aimed at leading them to be skillful and progress firmly and successfully in careers of their choice.


Our energetic team has vast experience in university placements and has built a good reputation with universities and other service providers in tertiary education, giving our clients the best possible chance of placement.

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