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It is important to ensure that the visa application is accurate and lodged on time. We will walk you through the process and keep you updated on the process of visa application and any changes to the visa requirements.

We also assist students to plan their travel and obtaining air tickets that suite your style and budget.


Even for the seasoned traveler, leaving home is always a daunting event. This is more so for students who are taking up studies in a foreign country. When you travel to another country to take up your studies, you will be faced with numerous important decision; about lifestyle, accommodation, finances, and so on.


At Global Placements, we help students make informed decisions which help them settle in smoothly and commence their studies with less difficulties. 

We help students obtaining the right and affordable accommodation, and we arrange airport pick up services for your piece of mind.


At Global Placements, we aim to help you to be the best that you can be.

We provide personalised consultations in which we seek to learn about our clients' lifestyle, career goals, university preferences, and budget so that we can assist prospective students with all the steps from securing their place to study, to commencing their studies.


Through counseling, we are able to provide accurate advice and guidance on:

entrance into University or pathway into university,

choosing a university or college,

university entry requirements,

application processes,

visas and student permits,

travel to a foreign country, and

study and life abroad.


Securing a place to study is by far the most important step along your journey towards an internationally recognized qualification.

With numerous options of study programs and universities to study with, the process of deciding what to study and securing a place at your university of choice can be difficult.

At Global Placements we provide support to help prospective students choose the right program of study, identify universities which are ideal for them, and place their applications.

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